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Canadian quartet Bealby Point capture the beauty of 00s Indie on their new EP 'Fridays'

Smooth Indie outfit Bealby Point capture the carefree, coming-of-age beauty of 00s Indie and distill it into 6 well-rounded songs on their new EP 'Fridays'. They describe their sound as aiming to replicate their most cherished summer memories, in fact, their name even comes from their favourite beachside holiday destination. This new EP certainly succeeds in conveying these feelings as it is packed full of nostalgic joy!

'Try My Best' opens with a fun, tangled riff, that is reminiscent of the sunny festival-ready guitar lines of The Holloways, before bursting into a chorus that portrays their musical influences of The Strokes and injects a euphoric twist. The title track takes a more loose, laid-back approach with dreamy guitar lines intertwining over a warm vocal serenade that is perfect for those late nights watching the sun go down over an empty beach. 'What People Say' is also a highlight. It's bittersweet emotions are created by the contrast between a funky bass line and crisp guitar tone that have a bright composition and the slightly more heart aching vocal performance and occasional percussive angst. A well balanced EP that captures the best of mid 00s Indie and will transport you to wherever you where when you were hearing those iconic songs for the first time.



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