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Canadian outfit The New Hires evoke 00s Indie fun on their new single 'New York City'!

Hailing from the depths of Kijiji, Canadian quintet The New Hires produce feel-good Indie anthems that wouldn't have been out of place in the mid 00s or on The Inbetweeners soundtrack. They initially caught our attention with their 2022 single 'Sharpshooter' which paired sentimental vocal lines over gritty rock riffs before lifting into a soaring Indie chorus perfect for closing a sold-out sweaty basement show!

Now, they have returned with their new single 'New York City' which is even more direct and radiating with a sonic joy once again. The bright guitar line that kicks things off instantly greets you with feel-good Indie nostalgia. It is also one of those tracks that doesn't wait for the chorus to hit you with big melodies, the vocals are expressive and melodic with each and every line making it a catchy track from start to finish.

High energy brought by the drums and the backing chorus of vocals elevate the euphoric impact of the song while the huge chorus is undeniably earworming. In the current era, it is comparable to The Royston Club in style and any UK Indie lovers will be instantly in awe! An ode to the great American city delivered with power, passion and soaring sonic happiness.


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