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Canadian Indie songwriter Jules returns with swagger-filled single ' Chakra'!

The style, swagger and attitude that exudes from the latest Jules single 'Chakra' is instantly infectious. The tight guitar notes that dance along in the intro immediately create a sense of tension and quirky rhythmic movement that makes you want to shake your shoulders along to the sound.

Photo Credit: Justin Friesen

Jules' vocals then arrive, filled with confident command and oozing with personality akin to Lime Garden or Black Honey. Her voice has a wonderful balance between slick Indie melody and deeper classic Rock resonance. The fast paced lyrical spins in the chorus add to the already captivating energy while the echoed effect on the title line "Chakra" fills the space of the track with an anthemic, cocksure atmosphere.

This is a fantastically empowering anthem that will make you want to dance around your room and plan that 'fuck you' text to whoever it may concern.


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