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Californian Indie Rock artist Marella releases his debut album 'Posterboy'!

Hailing from California, Daniel Marella first caught our attention with his 2022 single 'Cinnamon Lipstick', a joyful Indie bop filled with coastal energy and summer vacation romance. The chorus is truly euphoric with an undeniably catchy vocal line about love and freedom which is perfectly fitting for a summer festival singalong and rings of Circa Waves' early releases. Now, in 2023, Marella has released his debut album that features this 2022 single and much much more!

The album is full of many more Indie hits that have the free-spirted, uplifting feel of 'Cinnamon Lipstick' while also offering some deeper cuts. 'Rock and Roll Phase' is a standout on the record as it showcases Marella's composition. There's a constant thick layering of instrumentals that includes a raw acoustic riff, a rolling drum rhythm and more electronic textures and coastal guitar lines that weave together and provided a bed for the chorus to glide on top of. The tales of love and discovery and have an endearing, coming-of-age feel to them.

Marella gets a bit more vibey and cocksure on 'You Make Me Feel Like Disney' as he takes a more angsty approach to his vocals, the drum tones are primal and unfiltered while the sharp guitar notes often enter the fray with a direct, piercing injection. This all creates a slightly spaced out yet intense atmosphere. Each verse line begins innocent enough with a jaunty acoustic strum, yet finishes with a flurry of bustling instrumentals and a soaring, echoed vocal call as he battles with his own thoughts within the track. The guitar solo after the 3 minute mark has a fantastically unique tone and is full of swagger so the perfect way to close the track.

There are more sentimental, stripped back numbers on the album such as 'Letters (To Be All You Wanted)' as well as instrumental interludes that create an emotive journey throughout the record. There's also a few more direct Pop Punk attacks like 'School Should Be Free' that radiate a pure, youthful angst. There's a lot to enjoy on this record so dive in and explore Marella's many sounds.

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