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Brighton's new Indie stars Luna Blue build up to their new EP, out September 23rd!

Combining Pop-Rock riffs with captivating Indie vocals, this Brighton-based band has taken the south by storm. Since forming in 2015, their intoxicating sound has regularly graced BBC Introducing as well as countless festival stages. With an impressive monthly reach and a decorated list of achievements, it is easy to see why Luna Blue are starting to dominate the Indie scene as they build up to their new EP that is due September 23rd.

So, in a saturated market, what gives Luna Blue the edge over other upcoming musicians? Perhaps it is the seamless union of American and British Indie characteristics. As the self-proclaimed ‘Bastard Sons’ of FOALS and Two Door Cinema Club, bands formed in Oxford and Northern Ireland, Luna Blue have an undeniable resemblance to the lively and energetic style of these alternative heavyweights. However, through listening to their discography, it is clear that there is an essence of influence from across the Atlantic. Many of their tracks establish a Dance-Punk rhythm comparable to the musical stylings of LCD Soundsystem, and a catchy vocal tone that would give Jake Shears a run for his money.

Despite sharing similarities with other musicians, the quartet have tastefully concocted an individual sound. Two of their biggest singles to date, ‘Away With You and ‘Tropical’, offer a refreshing spin on contemporary Indie, through funky instrumentals and vocal stacking. Combined, these two singles have racked up almost half a million hits on Spotify. Pair that with the 5,814 monthly listeners, and it's easy to see that a loyal fanbase is already well in motion.

Last month marked the release of the fantastic new single, 'Domestic Alligator'. If you’re a fan of spunky Pop-Rock, then this is one for you. The fluctuation between the high energy, fast-paced verses and the surprisingly heavy chorus makes the track instantly stand out. This contrasts adds a lot of dimension to the sound and perfectly demonstrates a balanced proportion of Indie and Rock. The tempo of this track is consistently rapid, establishing and maintaining an upbeat tone which is consistent throughout.

The use of instrumental at the beginning of the single is an interesting choice, especially considering it is only sparingly repeated throughout the rest of the track. However it is so memorable that it could have easily been present for a longer. The single feels fresh, and sounds different to any other track that they have brought out previously. It is refreshing that the instrumental takes on a Rock-infused tone, as it shows versatility of genre.

There is a reason why Tom, Seb, Ryan and Nick have supported Glass Caves and sold out headline tours! If you want a taste of their electrifying live performance this month, then catch them at The Jacaranda in Liverpool on July 29th 2022.



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