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Boy Pablo - Hey Girl

As summer hits so do the summer hits! With new album’s from Hinds (Read our review) and Sports Team plus loads of new singles we’ve had a lot to dig our teeth into. One of the stand-out releases has been the new two-track single from Boy Pablo.

The first of the two ‘Hey Girl’ is packed full of the retro hook’s and charming eb and flow that you would associate with his music. It begins with an innocent

hip-swaying verse before launching into a blissful daydream of catchy pop vocals and synth melodies. The playful nervousness of the vocals builds an idyllic image of summer romances. Those awkward conversations, sweaty palms and moments of self-doubt that come right out of teen flick. The sunshine warmth, sonically bottled in three minutes of bedroom dream-pop.

The second, featuring Andrea, is more of a hazy bedroom track. Swaying guitar chords layered behind a soothing harmony between Boy Pablo and Andrea makes for a calming, dream-like aesthetic. If ‘Hey Girl’ is the track to start the summer beach nights, then ‘i just wanna go home’ is the one to close it.

These two tracks may be just what we need right now as we start to enter back into the world and enjoy life's simple pleasures once more.

Listen to them both on our LISTEN UP PLAYLIST


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