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BOOT WATCH - May 2021


Although we had to wait over 6 months for the latest single from London's KHARTOUM, it was certainly worth the wait. The new track 'Vultures' has a mature quality to it that has cemented every 'one to watch' tip that the band received after their standout release 'New Cold War' last year. The track announced the foursome as a socially active outfit, with lyrics about the failing state of the world and a performance at an extinction rebellion protest. Yet, they do not sacrifice anything musically for this social activism with a gritty yet infectious chorus that holds a poignant sing a long tone.

Their new single 'Vultures' doesn't falter after this success. As sound as the opening riff hits you can just imagine yourself in a packed out underground venue. In fact, the instrumentals on the whole are even stronger on this track than their previous work; extremely cohesive, playing off each other and knowing the right time to give the vocals lead and the right time to provide an extra power that really carries the song forward. Although they are certainly a modern day band, with the vocal tones and intricate layering fitting in well with the biggest emerging Indie artists of today, they're music is also reminiscent of the angsty Indie years of 2005-2007 with riffs that are playful yet full of swagger and drums that, although not too complicated, inject their music with a youthful spirit that is easy to get behind.


Jaws the Shark

The Nice Swan Records backed solo project of Olly Bailey titled Jaws the Shark has to be one of the most exciting new acts around. Born out of boredom in the first lockdown, Olly has gone on to release 4 fully fledged and hugely enticing singles. All of which emerge from the speakers with enormous power.

The latest of these 'Loose Change' is fierce from the start with vocals spat out with angst and bolstered by a noticeably intense drum backing. The one word that describes every element of the project is big. From the surging Rock riffs to the lyrics and from the chorus' worthy of being sung by a festival crowd to the instrumental outlets that would see that same crowd mosh with euphoria. If you can find Jaws the Shark at any live slot you can get to this summer we would strongly advise it.


The Goa Express

Manchester based quintet The Goa Express may not be the most prolific new artist out there with only 3 singles in 3 years yet they have stamped their mark on the local scene with their upbeat, fuzzy Garage-Rock sound. While their previous two singles 'Be My Friend' and 'The Day' verged more on the messy Post-Punk side of things, with swirling guitars and vocals delivered with force, their new single 'Second Time' radiates a sunshine filled sound just in time for summer!

With dancing guitar lines and drawn out vocal phrasing, the track carries a distinct flavour of their adopted Manchester hometown. It is a hugely uplifting track that evokes thoughts of warm summer evenings in local parks with stoners and city walks with shades on basking in the buzz of summer life. The single is a must for any summer playlist and we can only hope that there is new music on the way again soon.



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