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As you start heading out and about once again, we thought you might need some new music to add to your post lockdown soundtrack. Here's three great new artists we thought we'd share with you for this month.

Hailing from Dunfermline, Scotland, the energetic give-piece Dancing On Tables broke onto the scene a few years back with tracks like ‘Body’ that combine a youthful angst with catchy pop hooks whilst letting the Scottish vocal twang shine through.

Their new track ‘Riviera’ continues in the same vain, packing their uplifting camaraderie into a tale of lost lovers and wishful travelling. The vocals carry their trademark honest charm and warmth, beginning softly before more layers are added building the energy up before the chorus drops...and when it does drop it is electrifying.

A euphoric blend of bouncing drums and piercing synth and guitar tones bring the chorus to life. If you need a song to get you back into the swing of things and blow away the cobwebs gained from the lockdown lull then stick on ‘Riviera’ and get dancing once again!


If you still need uplifting after that then perhaps Manchester trio Cultures have something for you. Having began back in 2016, the band went quite in the past couple of years, releasing no material. However, they have regrouped and come head first into 2020 with a succession of singles.

The three tracks they have released this year have got progressively energetic. The swaying heartfelt vocals of 'Talk To Me' were replaced with more uptempo Indie dance vibes in 'Flags'. Now, their third single, 'Away From Us' is here and it is there best yet.

Beginning as a low-key, Kings of Leon style flirt between the nice riff and humble vocals, it is not long before it explodes into life. What makes this song is its expansive, powerful chorus. It emanates strong emotions with an overwhelming force just as the best indie rock songs do. It is anthemic, its memorable and is a must add to your 2020 playlist.


Newcastle’s Art-pop trio Cat Ryan set themselves aside from your typical Indie art scene with their varied and almost worldly use of instrumentals. After a couple years spent building their audience, 2020 has seen them arise from the underground scene and start to get noticed for their distinct sound. Having had success with the care-free, hypnotic melodies of ‘Mannerism’ earlier this year they returned with a brand new single in June.

The new release, ‘Blessed Through the TV’ is intriguing from the offset boasting an infectious Asian sound with hand drums and Eastern style hook that provides the majority of the track’s interest. The song then builds, constantly layering elements in typical Art-pop style before the vocals are introduced. This creates a slightly haunting but still upbeat atmosphere which continues throughout the chorus as the vocals begin to match the instrumental hook and bring the whole track together in a satisfying fashion.

This track is almost a teaser. It highlights the clever understanding of music that Cat Ryan hold, yet it leaves you wanting more. So, go ahead and explore the musical vaults of the creative trio... we are sure you won’t be disappointed.



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