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BOOT WATCH - April 2021

Here's our top 3 picks you need to hear this month!



Urban songstress Thals is relatively new on the scene with just two singles under her belt. However, her Punk skater aesthetic, bold city appearance and Colombian/Spanish heritage produces one colour popping cocktail that is pretty hard to ignore! This is all without even hearing her music too. Sonically she is much the same as her visuals would suggest; lyrics written in bedrooms and on skate ramps matched by music that is fun, vibrant and teaming with life.

Her latest single 'Lo2Hi' lets her vocals drift across the sound with ease and bounce off the piercing guitar tones that lead the track's melody. The chorus doesn't distinguish too much from the rest of the track, simply sliding into a dreamy summer hook that improves with every listen. Although released in mid February, the single is just what is needed as the weather starts to warm. So get outside on summer drives, roll down the windows and get this song turned up.


Luna Baby

Indie Rock quartet Luna Bay perhaps offer a less eye catching and more stereotypical appearance than Thals, their music packs just as much of a punch! After a string of high energy releases since 2019, their 'Colours' EP from earlier this year set a clear precedent for what is to come.

The coastal sing-a-long undertones of 'Hometown' joined sharpened versions of old fan favourites 'Colours' and 'Smoke and Mirrors'. As a whole the EP gives off the euphoric Indie feel of artists like VISTAS and Inhaler with the instrumentals often creating a feel-good audible foundation that leaves space for the soaring vocals to lead the way. 'Blue', their latest work, follows in the same vein yet with a slightly more forceful edge. The power of the drums is cranked up and constant, bringing a mosh worthy quality to the resonant, drawn out vocal notes that beg to be sang back when gigs start again.



It is common to see young artists play around with a few demos in their early days, some nice riffs and catchy melodies that gather a small fanbase before they begin the mature and establish themselsves over the years. However, it is not so common to see a band explode out of the blocks in such a fashion as Glasgow's VLURE.

They released their debut single 'Shattered Faith' last month and the track has reverberated around all corners of the new Indie scene even reaching the ears of Radio 1's Jack Saunders and earning the track a place on his Future Sounds list. You might be wondering why the debut release has received so much attention in such a short space of time and all I can say is to listen and you'll realise why! It is a track that demands attention from the very first note. Led by a dense electro sound and intimidatingly dark synth melody 'Shattered Faith' tells us that VLURE don't plan on doing anything by halves. Every element of the song is massive, from the electronic foundations, the perpetually powerful drums and the astonishing force behind the angst-ridden vocals. Together the quintet produce an anthemic atmosphere that would fill every inch of any venue regardless of how many people are in attendance. Be sure to keep tabs on them as this stunning debut places them right up their as one of the UK's most eye-catching new bands.




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