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BOOT WATCH 2022: 6 artists set to takeover this year!

We're back after the festive break and here to give you our tips for 2022. There is so much new music to get excited about in the next 12 months including the long-awaited return of Jamie T, a new Arctic Monkeys' era, record number 3 from Fontaine's D.C, countless debut LPs from the likes of Yard Act and Wet Leg and not one but two new albums from Jack White! However, as always there are some smaller acts that are ready to make it their year. So, here are 6 artists with big things to come in 2022 that may have slipped your radar. Enjoy!


London trio Honeyglaze may only have 3 singles to their name but they are already gearing up for their debut album which is set for release on April 29th. Signed to Speedy Wunderground which sports the likes of Black Country, New Road, a debut headline tour booked in and named as one of the NME 100 for 2022, they seem perfectly placed to take this year by storm. But why have they gathered so much early attention?

(Watch the video to their latest single 'Shadows')

Well, what instantly resonates from their music is the level of maturity in their songwriting and arrangement for such a new band. Their songs don't feel rigid as if they're following stereotypical song structures. They flow loosely with all elements intertwining naturally as if you are hearing a live improvisation between telepathic musicians. This freedom allows for tempo shifts, overlapping vocal lines and persistent instrumental nuances that flavour each track. 'Burglar' has to be the best of their releases for showcasing this technical proficiency but it was 'Creative Jealousy' that first caught our attention at the back end of last year. The interplay between the vocals and electro textures is reminiscent of LUMP (Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay) as it manages to constantly dip between emotions. The solo vocal line "I'm not somebody" constantly teases you, threatening a melancholic diversion before being cut off every time with a richly toned groove led by Yuri Shibuichi's lucid drum patterns. The intricate softness of their musical concoction feels very freeing to listen to; blissful yet with a lot to digest! So, get their album release date (April 29th) in your calendar!



With ferocious live shows alongside Kid Kapichi, Tigercub and our friends Sugarstone under their belts, Seaford duo SNAYX have jumped onto the Alt-Rock scene hissing and growling at anything that stands in their way. If the idea of a modern Rock duo instantly brings Royal Blood to mind then this may be a bit misleading as the similarities are minimal. They certainly pack as much of a punch but they are armed with more fast rolling vocals and a more sinister, angst-ridden undercurrent. Their last single 'False Friends' gained support from the likes of Jack Saunders (Radio 1), Steve Lamacq (6 Music), Charlie Ashcroft (Amazing Radio) and John Kennedy (Radio X). Now, they are back with another lively offering 'Cigarette'.

The riff is electrifying from the word go and is then quickly matched by a thumping drum rhythm. Together they set an early tempo that never lets up. Lyrically they dip into the classic rock'n'roll tropes and deliver a snappy love-letter to nicotine. Yet this is a love/hate relationship that is encapsulated by the ever impending return of the venom-fueled riff. Any shaky basement venues beware because 'Cigarette' is designed to bring down walls in sweaty underground Punk-Rock raves. The single artwork pictures their reptilian namesake and it is an appropriate visual representation of the music. It pounces on you in rapid-fire fashion from the start and delivers a potent sonic snakebite that begs to be felt it a live setting. Unfortunately we can't give too much away right now but the duo have big things in the works later this year! So keep your eyes peeled and your ears wide open.



When self confessed Indie Rock 'saboys' produced potentially our favourite track of 2020 they then went pretty quiet over lockdown. Thus, we were half expecting this to be a one-off anomaly but were quietly hopeful they could re-deliver... and last year they did just that! The project, led by London-based troubadour Jack Balfour Scott, returned with two new singles. First, the swelling Indie anthem 'Energies' that radiates an uplifting atmosphere that could spark a personal revolution with its soaring vocal harmonies suited for soundtracking the next inspirational adventure film.

Secondly, was the more heartfelt and introspective single 'Potions'. The big piano chords and stadium Rock drum tone builds the initial platform for a track with a huge impact. The high backing harmonies add a lovely texture that wraps across Jack's powerful lead vocals that radiate a real pained poignancy to them. These anthemic instrumentals and soaring emotive vocals have become a trademark of the LEAP project. You only have to watch any of their live performance videos (above) to see the feeling that they pour into they're music. They have proved that 2020's 'Where The Silence Goes' was far from a one off. They have a proficiency for hard-hitting tracks that stick with you long after the final note and we just hope that they maintain their trajectory in 2022!


Coco and the Lost

Whether it is the result of having parents in the industry, a product of her eclectic list of jobs including a picture double in Star Wars or just the fusion of her eccentric musical influences such as Blondie, Pulp and Queen we can't be sure. What we do know is that her bold personality is there for all to see as it pours out of every track. Her glamours take on Brit-Pop in her 'Not Famous' delivered a slick Grungy conglomeration of musical greats gone by.

However, her latest release 'Crying in the Bathroom' sees her fully breathe in her own distinctive sound. The more electronic feel suits the deep swagger of her vocals and allows her to show her range. It also seems to give her more freedom and have fun, with the instrumentals providing a really textured high tempo base for her to deliver vocal nuances whenever she pleases, ranging from angst to ecstasy within seconds. The track packs the very 21st century concoction of carefree bedroom pop sounds with unfiltered lyrical windows into the modern mind that artists like Abbie Ozard have been perfecting. On the surface it is a song for dancing around your bedroom in PJs to but it also has a level of sensibility, capturing the go-to modern coping mechanism of smiling in the face of adversity with the contrast of euphoric instrumentals and honest, introspective lyrics. She sounds right at home in this new track and we just hope that it is the start of a vibrant new Bedroom Pop avenue for Coco and the Lost to explore.


Tom Auton

Cardiff solo rocker Tom Auton is best described as a music obsessive. After receiving a terrible mix of his first single aged just 16 he began buying any microphone and mixing plug that he could get his hands on. Since then he has been consistently involved in all stages of his music production, capturing his initial idea and making sure that each tracks comes out the other side sounding just as he had envisioned. He is best known for his 2018 single 'Mother Mary' yet he is far from a one hit wonder, and is latest release 'Devil On My Shoulder' proves just that.

Channeling the stadium-filling riff-driven power of Queens of the Stone Age the new single focuses on a direct Rock energy. The opening riff instantly sets the head-bouncing tone and prepares you for a big chorus to come later in the track. Although it is Tom's infectious gritty guitar that leads the charge it doesn't feel like a solo project with backing instrumentals that just provide a platform for the main artist. His backing band 'The Bottlebreakers' are all fully cohesive with Tom's playing. The Royal Blood esc drums provide some fantastic fills and work in tandem with his tights riffs to create some truly anthemic moments. In style, Tom always dances a fine line between his classic rock influences and a fresh modern creativity but he manages to pack all his retro inspirations into 'Devil On My Shoulder' without letting it ever stagnate or feel dated. The final thirty seconds of this track showcase the best elements of his music and highlight exactly why he is on this list. His vocals adopt a slight mid-00s Alternative/Emo-Punk twang and match the instrumental energy with a soaring delivery. This then leads into a shattering instrumental finalé that could leave the most experienced mosh-pit goer gasping for air.



Rock collective Eades are unusual in the modern age in the fact that they are just that... a collective. Made up of songwriters, producers and session musicians, they offer direct and bright modern twists on retro aesthetics, from Garage-Rock to Post-Punk. Having 4 songwriters in their ranks results in a fresh blend of influences and thus a sound that can be hard to pin down. Yet, their music is always driven by thick riffs that simultaneously carry the warm surfer vibes of the American West coast and the cutting harshness of British

Punk-Rock. The band are gearing up for their debut album 'Delusion Spree' which arrives on March 4th and have so far given us two tasters of what is to come.

The first, 'Reno', is instantly infectious. The Garage Rock riff has a swagger to it and cuts through the marching drum pattern. However, it is the vocals that lead the charge. The layered vocals deliver a power that is feels purpose built for an underground sweaty basement gig with the whole room bouncing and chanting back in unison. The first half of the track is nothing too unique but it captures the essence of a catchy Garage track and pours it out in a suitably fuzzy dosage. Yet, halfway through the song drops down as we are greeted by a more subtle and intriguing female vocal before it changes tempo and opens up into a messy sonic ball pit. The vocals ramble over a crisp guitar line whilst the drums ramp up the energy for a moshworthy experience. The original tempo then returns but maintains this newfound energy and finishes in a thick rumbling wall of sound and that super catchy chorus. The latest single 'Ever Changing' expresses a more Art-Rock sound with a rhythm that never stagnates, beginning with a Post-Punk, Shame esc punch but quickly opening up with brighter and more intricate instrumental landscape. Again, the range of influence can be felt constantly, with the verses offering a vocal drawl and the chorus evoking memories of care free mid 00s ladish Indie perfect for dirty dancefloors and uni parties. This audible variance in style yet consistent quality among the collective makes their album one of the most highly anticipated for 2022.


Keep up to date with all our favourite new music on our Spotify playlist!


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