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BOOT LOCAL VOL 3: New noise from the North-West ft. Urbanparcs, The Ruby Tuesdays & Dunebug

Check out our top three North West artists that you need to check out this month!!


Ed Fisher (aka Urbanparcs) is Merseyside's latest Indie popstar. He burst out of the ether earlier this year and has already offered up a string of four singles that demonstrate a mature emotive range, especially for someone that is still just 17! The hazy eyed Summer pop of 'Show Me Love' is wrapped up in clean guitar riffs and retro synth sounds similar to Dutch star Blanks. Whereas the latest release 'lose somebody' creates a more honest and stripped-back charm with the rolling acoustics and raspy, poignant vocals. This vocal range demonstrates an impressive talent, going from smooth Indie deliveries reminiscent of SPINN to the withering heartbreak that is packed in 'lose somebody'. These singles have shown us the range that the young multi-instrumentalist can offer and there's more coming soon...

His next single 'Hay Fever' arrives on Monday 18th October and sees a return to the more upbeat and energetic side of his nature. The vocals are really smooth and laced with a calming flow that sets you up for his biggest chorus yet. It is warm, bright and uplifting - the kind of track that needs to be turned up on cross country road trips with friends. Its a track for sharing and a track for good times. The crisp guitar solo towards the end of the song is the final piece of the puzzle, injecting a little dose of instrumental swagger just so you don't get too comfortable in the dreamy Indie euphoria. Pre-save 'Hay Fever' now.


The Ruby Tuesdays

Blackburn's Indie Rock quartet The Ruby Tuesdays made quite a noise with the sheer rawness of their 2019 debut single 'Who You Running From'. It was bold, in your face and exactly what you would want from a new young band that is breaking onto the scene. Since then they have kept moving in the same vain with a string of high energy angsty singles that take heed of the most Punky elements of early Oasis in a similar style to fellow North West noise makers Bedside Manners.

Their latest single 'Man of the People' is perhaps their most raucous offering yet. The instrumentals are relentless, constantly beating down a shower of fuzzy riffs and blood pumping drum sounds. Meanwhile, the vocals are delivered in a passionate drawl, singing a rousing lyrical landscape that highlights their no nonsense outlook on life and society. The tracks hold a certain protest feel as they consistently pile an unfiltered angst and northern swagger into a sound that is designed to get crowds ignited. 'Man of the People' lands as aggressive and punchy as any of their work and leaves anyone who listens spitting out a taste of Rock & Roll rebellion. We just hope they can keep these kind of tracks coming so keep your eyes peeled!



Dunebug is the DIY solo project of Manchester born Chi Limpiroj and, as the name suggests, the project offers a really warm sonic connection to nature. All her music is cosy and comforting whilst still dealing with some complex lyrical ideas. As she says herself, it is music made in her bedroom that gives you the home comforts of your own bedroom. The lo-fi guitars are always present, providing a soft textural base to each track, yet they never dominate. Their is always a socially distanced sonic space given to her own vocals, allowing them to wax and wane throughout the tracks, drifting around the walls of the songs with true freedom.

The new single 'Lie To Me' encapsulates all of this perfectly. Even at first glance the artwork gives a great indication of the single's semantics. The swaying beat and the soothing hug of the vocals makes you feel like you are stumbling through a hazy summer field without a care in the world as the sun glints of tiny bugs who are flying loosely through the air. Yet, as I mentioned, the lyrics aren't always purely blissful. Somehow, the dreamy tones of her music make the cynical lines such as "lie to me like you mean it" slip under the radar without disturbing the sonic trance. It is the perfect music to put on when you want a comforting day inside to yourself, it's like bedroom pop wrapped up in your favourite dressing gown, warm, fuzzy and it transports you into a refreshingly calming world.



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