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BOOT LOCAL VOL 2 w/ The Deep Blue, stores & Lois Levin

The North West has kicked back into action in the past month. Manchester has been facilitating the much needed return to live tours with FEET & Inhaler passing through this week. Meanwhile Merseyside has been indulging in festival life for the first time in over a year with numerous FestEvol all dayers showcasing what musical vibrancy Liverpool and The Wirral has to offer. So, after this recent post-lockdown resurgence we thought it was time to share a few of our favourite North West artists once again in another BOOT LOCAL.

The Deep Blue

First up are Manchester's vocal weavers The Deep Blue who emerged during lockdown. Their debut single 'Jealous Sea' is an Indie Folk offering at heart yet it has a lot to offer that may sway the minds of those who think they aren't a fan of the genre. It is has a much stronger groove to it than most Folk orientated tracks. The flow never stagnates, with the rolling drums and underlying guitar melodies creating a real richness to the sound. Their is a surprising amount going on as it gradually develops adding in more and more subtle textures. Yet, the star of the show, and in fact what makes The Deep Blue so distinct, is the vocal layering. The three female vocals combine beautifully; sometimes interweaving and overlapping each other in smooth waves whilst in other times they join forces to muster a strong collective vocal force in a similar way to Hinds.

"We were working with the band when they were Café Spice and were really excited about the direction they wanted to go in. They're unbelievable songwriters and being able to see these tunes come to life has been boss. They've been working hard with producer Alex Quinn, and have got a great relationship going there so we're excited for everyone to hear these new tunes and finally get the see them live..." - Luke Burrows from The Deep Blue's record label Snide Records

Their next single 'He Said, She Said' arrives on August 26th. It carries a deeper, bassier tone to it and forces you to take note of the lyrics which are tightly packed into another constantly rolling groove. These blissful vocal harmonies layered on top of slightly dreamy bassey soundscapes are comparable to the new LUMP (Laura Marling & Mike Lindsay) record. This rare use of three vocalists gives The Deep Blue a huge range of vocal textures they can play with and indeed they are only in their early days so they may still be playing around and experimenting how they can utilise this vocal weaponry. With a debut EP on the horizon and the backing of Liverpool's exciting new Snide Records they are certainly one to look out for in the coming months.



Next up is another act that uses their combined vocal forces yet for a very different effect. Liverpool duo stores have just arrived with their first ever single out via Eggy Records and it is already peaking the interest of the local scene. Together the voices of Hannah Brown and Sam Warren create a haunting tone that is both Grungey and melodic.

The debut release 'bones' has a great swagger to it. The verses are simplistic in terms of construction but incredibly rewarding in terms of aesthetics. The lo-fi vocals are backed by a steady bassline and occasional Garage Rock guitar stabs that create a hugely satisfying head swaying feel and interesting addition of the barking dog sounds adds a really vibrant flavour into the mix. This slightly understated sound gives way to a really dense chorus with big swelling guitar atmospherics and the aforementioned vocal blend that the contrasting voices create. Although only a debut release and one that is largely about the tone rather than a big standout chorus or highlight moment, it is hugely promising as it offers a gritty yet infectious swing to it that just tempts you in to want more from the new duo.


Lois Levin

The latest talent to emerge from the ever increasingly creative streets of Birkenhead is soulful Indie Jazz songwriter Lois Levin. Her music is built on a solid foundation of influences, ranging from the likes of Marvin Gaye and The Supremes to Florence and The Machine and John Mayer. This concoction of musical inspiration has led to a colourful blend of instrumentals that allow her witty lyricism and soulful vocals to shine through.

After honing her style over lockdown, she has teamed up with acclaimed producer Jon Withnall (Rihanna, Coldplay) on her debut single ‘Burden’. The track is bold and full of character as it dives into her past with a vulnerable level of lyrical intimacy. The warming Jazz instrumentation provides a platform for her vocals, injecting an urban swagger into her her smooth scouse poetry.



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