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BOOT LOCAL: The best new music from the North-West ft. Dan Fable, The Goa Express & more!

It's been another good month for North-West music. We've seen new tracks from some of our favourite local artists like Abbie ozard, The Blinders, Phoebe Green and Blossoms as well as the debut album from The Mysterines. As always, we've been keeping an eye out for any new discoveries from across the region and any recent local releases that may have slipped your radar.

Dan Fable

Manchester solo artist Dan Fable leapt into the new year with his debut EP 'Bedroom Ballads' and instantly gained a lot of attention for the slick urban flow of his vocals and heartfelt atmospherics. As a collection of songs it was quite introspective, often leaving a lot of space between distant, dreamy guitar tones for the lyrics to ruminate and create semantics of vulnerability, isolation and heartache.

However, his latest release 'Bisto Gravy' takes on a far more upbeat and groovy style. With a sprinkling of that down-to-earth wit that made the likes of Jamie T so appealing, he effortlessly combines lyrical substance with really a cinematic instrumental backing. The vocals open with a really quick rhythm that may trick you into thinking you are about to hear a fun, throw away demo full of Manc ladiness. Yet, there is an incredible level of depth and sentimentality to Dan Fable's sound. With the pretty stripped back instrumentation of an echoed guitar and a bass drum he still manages to make the song feel really full. It radiates an honesty that will resonate deeply on contemplative late nights alone and demonstrates his mature songwriting ability. Definitely one to watch through 2022.


Abi Rose Kelly

Undoubtedly one of the North-West's most promising newcomers is Liverpool songwriter Abi Rose Kelly. At just 19 years old, she has already earned a headline festival slot at the RivFest Weekender, a spot on the Glastonbury Emerging longlist in 2020 and over 200,000 Spotify streams. The combination of infectious melody and powerful angst that both lie in her vocals make her songs both truly captivating and rebellious. Fresh off a hometown support show with Crawlers you can bet that a lot of that crowd will become the next wave of Abi's fans as their vocals share a lot of the same appeal.

This month she arrived with her first new offering of 2022 with the single 'Friends'. It is a track packed full of venom; from Abi's soaring Rock vocals to the shattering drama of the drum stabs before the chorus everything is big, bold and demands your attention. Although the verses certainly have their own merits and do well to demonstrate the range in timbre of Abi's persistently menacing vocals, they almost act as the quiet before the storm. The drums roll along, building tension before all the suspense is released into the anthemic chorus that is reminiscent of the stadium filling female Alt Rock of YONAKA. Certainly one for seeing live!


The Goa Express

Now, we have written about Indie outfit The Goa Express before on BOOT LOCAL but we had to include their latest track 'Everybody In The UK' as it shown yet another side to their eclectic blend of Dream Pop, Post Punk and Indie angst. The single leans into the brighter side of their sonic palette making it the perfect song for this recent blast of warm weather. The rhythm is patient, building jangly guitar lines on top of a rolling drum shuffle that has a carefree yet confident groove to it, reflecting the suburban landscape of their adopted hometown of Manchester.

The influence of the city can be heard throughout this track in fact as the rich musical history of Manchester bleeds into every element. The laid back but upbeat vocal drawl carries the soothing quality of Ian Brown while the sunny atmosphere is offset by fuzzier Rock and Roll noise riding underneath that rings of Oasis and James. 'Everybody In The Uk' is hugely uplifting. It has a drifting, breezy quality perfect for Summer days in the city while maintaining a memorable melody so that your mind doesn't wander too much in the blissful vibes.


Nikki & the Waves

Liverpool-based trio Nikki & the Waves produce as a sound that is bright and colourful as the clothes they wear. Made up of Amsterdam-born Nikki Milla (vocals) Tom Want (drums) and Tom Bonez (multi-instrumentalist) the band describe themselves as 'the band you want to bring home to your parents'. Indeed they have a refined pop sensibility that is fills any room with an appealing positive energy without a sinister note in sight. However, there is a lot more going on under their polished veneer.

Their latest release is the single 'Online Chess' which perfectly demonstrates the depth their music has. Opening with a teasing electro pulse, the track quickly jumps into a slick bouncing rhythm led by the hip-shaking drum pattern and an incredibly funky bassline. Nikki's vocals emerge with an easy-going swagger and manage to intertwine with the slick grooving flow of the instrumentals really smoothly. As the song goes on it becomes increasingly deeply layered with crisp guitar riffs and the more expansive ride cymbal drum sound that brings a great freshness into the chorus. The brass melody is the cherry on top, completing a vibrant and eclectic arrangement that has a quiet confidence as it knows that within seconds you'll be using it as your bedroom mirror soundtrack, dancing around your room and showcasing your most peculiar moves that will never see the dancefloor.




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