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Blossoms team up with Findlay on new single 'To do List (After the breakup)'!

'To do List (After the breakup)' is the newest track from Indie giants Blossoms and their first since leaving their record label Virgin EMI. Following this departure, they have teamed up with fellow Stockport artist Findlay, to release an Indie Pop tune detailing how to move on after a break up.

The melodic track samples lyrics from the work of writer Rupi Kaur’s poem of the same title. The poetic essence of the song is evident not only in the lyrics but the sound itself, Blossoms juxtapose melancholy lyrics with their trademark synth-guitars and upbeat drums. The addition of Findlay emphasises the track's theme, establishing a back and forth between the two artists that speaks to the complexity of heartbreak.

In interviews, Blossoms have elaborated that the sound of the track was inspired by English Rock Bands such as New Order and James, this is evident in the electronic sound the track produces, making it reminiscent of the late 80s to early 90s Manchester sound.

Fans can catch Blossoms in Dublin City on 11th November, before they head off to the U.S.A.


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