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Bella Wright: LIVE @ Kazimier Stockroom, Liverpool

Originally from Montana (USA) but now Liverpool-based, the talented Pop-Rock artist Bella Wright had the Kazimier Stockroom singing and dancing to all her latest tunes and fresh new style earlier this month.

Bella opened with ‘Ashtray’, her latest single, which received an incredible response from the audience. Starting acoustically intimate, with dimmed lights and a crisp atmosphere, the band strived into the fill of the drums, and the arms of the crowd went up into the air.

It was a nostalgic night, as if Bella was transporting everyone back to the 00s; the era where Cameron Diaz and Lindsay Lohan were every teenage girl's personality. It felt like the whole crowd was starring in a chick-flick movie, where they were at the high school dance and that ‘awesome band’ just came on. 

Bella continued on her set and gave us a treat of hearing her upcoming single ‘Playing The Game’. In an interview, Bella discussed the context of her new song and what it means to her. 

She said: “Playing The Game is about my experience with the hook-up culture. It's very vulnerable, it's about my sexuality and my emotions towards that”. 

Bella also revealed that her upcoming single ‘Playing The Game’ was supposed to be released before ‘Ashtray’. However, due to its success on TikTok, the singer decided to change the complete timeline of her music releases. 

Bella's band, consisting of Jamie Munns on drums, Jerry Buxade on bass, Haiven Sellers on violin & backing vocals, Carleigh McRitchie on guitar & backing vocals, and Max Holden on lead guitar, has accompanied her in all recent performances and new music releases.

Throughout the night, Jerry's hard-hitting, groovy bass lines in 'Worth The Crime' & 'Playing The Game' caught our attention and ignited the stage with his passion for performing. It was mesmerising, and you could not resist not joining in.

A standout moment of the night was ‘Leave Me To Burn’ as it had a more Folky, stripped-back sound, almost like it should be in a movie soundtrack for Lord of The Rings. It gave a fresh, crisp, mountain-air feel, and it was a remarkable change of pace for the set. Haiven’s violin playing for the song was beautiful; everyone was in awe. 

The crowd roared for an encore, but time had run out for Bella and her band. They delivered a memorable performance with their unique and nostalgic sound.

Bella's new single 'Playing The Game' is now available to pre-save ahead of its release on November 24th, 2023.


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