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Beauty School balance Alt Rock power and earworming melody in new single 'Oak'

What begins as a gentle, cinematic string soundscape soon turns into a heavy hitting Alt track that pops out of the speakers! This is the new single ‘Oak’ from Rock newcomers Beauty School who have been releasing a solid stream of new music this year and raising eyebrows across the scene. Big guitar lines that have a nostalgic 00s feel lead the charge while a punchy drum rhythm brings an undeniable force. The fact that these drums are put so forward in the mix make them have a huge impact, directing the movement of the track from start to finish.

There are two main appeals of this song that make it standout and land a spot on this list. Firstly, it is one of those tracks that doesn’t just rely on a huge chorus and simply uses the verse as a springboard for the dive into a moshworthy chorus. Every line of the song has something to captivate your attention, whether that be the piercing, powerful vocal tones or the moments of soaring rock flair. Secondly, is the balance that the song finds between high, ferocious energy and earworming melody. It lacks the cheesiness of some 00s pop punk thanks to the the melody not being overly refined and commercialised while it also avoids an overwhelming barrage of Rock power which can sometimes feel like a compensation for the lack of merit within the song. ‘Oak’ offers a fantastically memorable chorus that you will be singing back time and time again while still delivering each line with enough bite to keep you in your toes!


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