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  • Lois Adeshile

Australian Indie Pop songwriter Olivia De Melo returns with new single 'SOAK'!

Olivia De Melo has returned with her fourth single of the year, ‘SOAK'. Originally from Perth, Western Australia, Olivia, who's known for her soulful lyrics, has been busy this year working on releasing her EP and has collaborated with genre blurring rapper/singer Wesley Black on this new track.

The track begins slowly with a guitar accompanying Olivia’s vocals as she sings “Soaking up the sun, doing what we want, when we want”. These lyrics create the notion of being young, wild and free. As the drums begin to kick in, the track firmly takes shape into a jovial tune as it gains momentum and plunges us into a light-hearted Pop anthem. The catchy chorus will have you chanting “Soaking up the sun” on repeat!

The lyrics are open to interpretation, but Olivia alludes to financial struggles or hardships as she sings: “We don’t got a lot but we work with what we’ve got”, a gentle reminder to always live life to the fullest. The track is refreshing and bursting with positive energy. The upbeat melody is reminiscent of sunny summer days, affirming joyous times and oozing good vibes only while Wesley’s vocals add a complimentary layer of tonal depth to the track.


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