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Australian Indie outfit Joan & The Giants return with new single ‘Born In the Wrong Time’!

After their triumphant 2023 single that really caught our attention and made our ‘Best of 2023’ playlist, Aussie outfit Joan & The Giants are back with a band! Their new single ‘Born In the Wrong Time’ is a far cry from the silky, swooping sounds of ‘BEG’ however!

The song opens with an instantly tension filled rhythm, a muted rolling guitar line plays with a gritty texture and the rim shot hits prepare you for a much more energetic experience than on the track that first hooked us into this band.

This angsty tension bursts open into an expansive chorus full of bright vocal lines that climb high into the ether offering a soothing yet powerful sound. The beat opens up to the full kit and the riff becomes looser bringing a really fun energy to the track.

The sentiment is one of lament for nostalgia yet it is not melancholic attitude that is exuded. More so, a joyous bittersweet nostalgia that has Folk Rock tinges of Jade Bird, Garage tones of Courtney Barnett and silky Pop Melodies of fellow Aussie up-comer Anna Smyrk.

We're sure there's loads more to come from these guys in 2024!

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