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Australian Indie newcomer Lotte Gallagher returns with new single 'Gray'!

With the rolling indie rhythms of Sam Fender and an enriching vocal style that demands attention, Lotte Gallagher is undoubtedly one of our favourite Australian newcomers.

Her new track 'Gray' has a little more bite to it than her debut, as a pounding drum beat leads the charge, backed by a swathe of swirling, atmospheric guitar chords that bring a drama and depth to the sound. Meanwhile her vocals flicker between deep, warm introspective tones and brighter expressive lines that really prick your ears. The blend of light and dark within the sonic semantics is captured by her black top and white dress on the single’s cover shot.

The highlight of the song comes towards the end as two different vocal lines tumble on top of each other, overlapping to deliver the line “maybe they’re better alone” attacking you from all angles with a haunting melody before diving into the passionate finale which closes proceedings with a soaring sound worthy of the biggest stages.

We can’t wait to hear more from Lotte!


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