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Aussie Indie songwriter Asha Jefferies teases debut album with new single 'Brand New Bitch'!

Asha Jefferies, the Folk-chanteuse turned Indie-Pop star, offers a cathartic, foot-stomping anthem with her new release ‘Brand New Bitch’.

The fourth in a line of singles leading up to the release of her debut album, ‘EGO RIDE’, on April 12th, ‘Brand New Bitch’ is the energetic younger sibling of the group, departing from Asha’s early career Folk sound and instead embracing musical inspiration from genres like Indie-Rock and Shoegaze.

Exploring Asha’s urge to outgrow the person she was in the past and pursue maturity, the track is indefatigable and bratty, driven by a suitably snappy drumbeat and a spiky baseline.

Spacey, Stereolab-esque synths whirl prominently throughout, imbuing the track with a woozy, though never muddy, atmosphere, whilst the guitar, once at the forefront of Asha’s work, is less noticeable, instead adding texture to the mix.

The true opus of ‘Brand New Bitch’, however, is the bridge, in which the tracks individual parts are broken down and steadily reassembled with increased vigour, building up pressure until eventually exploding into a cosmic mass of choral vocals, wailing synths and reverb-drenched guitar.

Asha’s vocals here also shine, impressively soaring above the slightly cacophonous mix with graceful ease. Asha Jefferies has officially gone electric, and the result is sublime.

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