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Aussie Indie-Folk outfit Cedarsmoke release new album 'The Great & The Terrible'!

Cedarsmoke is the Indie-Folk moniker of the esteemed Aussie outfit led by frontman and singer-songwriter Jon Cloumassis.

Following on from their acclaimed 2021 debut album, their new record 'The Great & The Terrible' see Jon create pure and poignant lyrical tales backed by the rich, organic sounds of his band. Drawing inspiration from the iconic story of 'The Wizard of Oz', the album references the characters, scenes, and famous locations from the beloved tale, introducing characters at different points of change, delving deep into the transformative power of these moments.

Sonically, there is a heartfelt, poignant quality that runs throughout the album. Each track offers retro-tinged Folk melodies that are undeniably catchy, yet there is always that emotive sentiment lying at the heart of every song. On standout tracks such as 'For Real', 'Know You're Mine' and 'Ready To Go' these vintage melodies combine with a rich tapestry of raw and natural vocals. The piano lines offer a vibrancy while the rest of the band create thick, driving rhtyhms filled with charm. All this combined gives off a sound reminiscent of 70s songwriters like Graham Parker while still infusing some mode modern, romantic twangs on tracks like 'Go Easy'.

Talking on the album, Jon shared: "'The Great & The Terrible' is an exploration of change in all its forms and manifestations. Inspired by the mythical journey of 'The Wizard of Oz', the album captures the essence of characters in flux, accompanied by a select orchestra of instruments and tones reminiscent of 1970s folk-rock".


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