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Aussie femme-Punk outfit DOWNGIRL release aptly-named debut EP 'MANIC'!

Aussie femme-Punk outfit DOWNGIRL have been rapidly building a cult following of energetic disciples with a thrust for angsty sonic expression. This attention has earned them support slots alongside acts as the forefront of the country’s Punks scene such as Amyl and the Sniffers and Glitoris. Their new EP 'MANIC' is the culmination of all their releases up to this point and is a perfect showcase for their in-your-face Rock sound.

The opening track ‘Fiend’ instantly sets the tone for the EP with it’s dark, growling guitar line that raiders a sinister swagger and the vocal back and forth that breathes an angsty arrogance. Despite the onslaught of heavy instrumentals, there is still plenty of room for catchy vocal chorus’ that will make you want to scream the words back and crisp lead guitar lines that will stick in your head long after the track is finished! They combine influences from Classic Rock, Punk and 90s Rock to make a dark and dingy atmosphere that comes out of its shell to surprise you with melodis just at the right time.

‘Beauty Queen’ and ‘2006’ also channel this high-octane Punk Rock energy with their heavy guitar tones and thrashing drums. The former has a stadium-ready anthemic quality while the latter is a scrappier track that brings to mind the likes of The Chats in the Aussie Punk scene. This song may also offer their most tantalising guitar performances of the whole EP.

‘Democracy Manifest’ is a wonderful burst of hard-hitting instrumentals that shows off their technical prowess yet the best moments come in the form of the neighbouring tracks ‘Manic’ and ‘Body’ which find the perfect balance between their uncompromising Punk energy and moments of greater emotive depth. On these tracks the deep, smooth and powerful Rock vocals really shine through, reminiscent of our local Liverpool acts The Mysterines or Crawlers. The guitar and drums still provide that thrashing intensity yet the vocals carry a weightier, more poignant tone that gives these songs a wonderful dramatic and contemplative quality. 'Body' is also their most infectious chorus and is an instant Punk Rock anthem.

There’s lots to love on this EP and it is the perfect entry point for any DOWNGIRL newcomer to discover!


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