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Anthemic Alt-Rockers The Haunt release new EP 'Dead On Arrival'!

The rapport between siblings Anastasia and Maxamillion has always been a driving force between the tight knit unit that is The Haunt, one of America’s most exciting Alt-Rock offerings. The group have been releasing music since 2017 but they have developed significantly over this six-year period and their new EP ‘Dead On Arrival’ is a fantastic showcase for where they are at, both technically and stylistically, at this current moment.

Opening track ‘Overdose’ is a wonderfully no-nonsense Punk-spirited track that wastes no time in blowing away the cobwebs and putting your eardrums to the test. The vibey electronic pulses that begin the track are merely there to lure you in to listen closely before anthemic instrumental stabs slap you across the face. Then, the high-octane chorus kicks in. The straight-to-the vein drum rhythm is unrelenting and drives a powerful momentum while the guitars swirl around with a gritty aggression. However, the vocal melodies are super catchy and will stick in your head long after the track ends, proving the band’s knack for producing insanely memorable, singa-long vocal lines and masking them behind a dark, Rock sound perfect for the moshpit!

All tracks feature their trademark, anthemic Rock energy, yet ‘Shake’ and ‘OK’ offer more introspective moments that fans of Billie Eillish’s darkest contemplations with love. These moments showcase Anastasia’s staggering vocal versatility and emotive quality, entrancing you in poignant, intimate moments before springing back into their huge riffs and crashing drum sounds to inject that passion and intensity into the emotions they have already laid down. This is best seen in ‘OK’ which is perhaps the most impressive track on the EP thanks to its range of atmospheres and tones, using their electronic textures to best effect plus, the contrast between soaring passion and vulnerable intimacy has a fantastic impact.

If you’re here for the non-stop, mosh-worthy energy then ‘This Won’t Go Over Well’ is for you, a track with a lust for intensity! However, you can get this feeling throughout the EP, a 6-track selection that perfectly showcases all sides to The Haunt’s game and highlights just why they’re rising to the very top of the Alt-Rock scene.

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