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Anna Erhard builds up to new album with a fantastic stream of abstract Indie singles

Perhaps one of the most intriguing European artists to have emerged in recent years is Swiss-born, Berlin-based songwriter Anna Erhard. She has not slowed down one bit since her 2021 album 'Short Cut', releasing a stream of new singles in 2022 that are perfectly in tune with the recent trend of straight-faced, swagger-filled Indie. These new tracks combine witty lyricism, confident vocal performances that dance between spoken word and subtle melodies, and instrumentation that that uses an eclectic range of acoustic and electro elements to flavour the lo-fi grooves.

Back in April, 'Horoscope' set the tone for her new releases with its funky rhythm and tumbling vocal flow. The vocal layers and occasional spoken back-and-forths put the likes of Wet Leg in mind while the sporadic synth chords give it a brighter Euro Pop feel at times. Her follow up track 'Guestroom' took this electronic element further, leading with a popping electro rhythm. The appealingly mundane but strangely appealing lyrical content of "Why don't you sleep in the guest room, you'll have plenty of leg room" enhanced the Wet Leg / Dry Cleaning similarities. However, her most recent two singles 'Campsite' and 'Panic at the Seaside' really standout, enthralling you with a contrast between natural imagery and electronic soundscapes. The former gradually builds somewhat hectically as jarring guitar notes disturb the serene storytelling of how she was "king of the campsite" thanks to all her "mosquito bites". The later leads with a more in-your-face, fuzzy Rock riff which creates her most angsty atmosphere of these new singles.


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