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An Interview w/ Swedish Electro Pop artist Hanna Ögonsten - "It was the main place for inspiration"

After a run of singles (including the incredibly catchy that is 'Hang My Head') that established her as one of Scandinavia's most promising new solo acts, Swedish-born Electro Pop artist Hanna Ögonsten has returned with her new EP ‘have you seen my mind ‘cause I’ve lost it’. The four track selection sees her enter into a much more abstract, twisted reality filled with supercharged electronic layers and vocals that are sometimes sinister and sometimes built for a pop banger. We caught up to chat about what has prompted this sonic shift.

Q. Since your last run of singles you seem to have developed a slightly more abstract, twisted electronic sound - what has prompted this change?

A. I’ve been listening a lot to hyper-pop lately, and I think that’ve inspired me to twist my sound more. On this EP I’ve also worked with only one other producer on all of the tracks, Carl Goldkuhl. Listening to the tracks, you can tell he’s the best at creating edgy synthesizer!

Q. What would you say are the main lyrical themes on this EP?

A. I write lots of notes on my cell phone, almost like a journal, and it doubles as a place to get inspiration while writing. When I wrote the lyrics for this EP, it was the main place for inspiration. I was going through a challenging time trying to figure out where I belong in the music industry and in grown-up-life in general.

Q. What are the key elements that tie the 4 tracks together on this new EP?

A. They’re all about realising that you’re in a bad spot and need to take control of the situation.

Q. What is your favourite lyric from the new EP?

A. It’s from the song ‘Stupidasscoolboy’ and goes: ‘’Rocking that hair bun into the burn out, but if you ask me, it’s just a flue’’. I like how it paints a picture of what it’s like to be a young female in the music industry or in general. Since the release, others have reached out to me and shared their experience, and it’s nice to find that connection through a song.

Q. What would you say is the perfect environment to listen to the new EP in?

A. In the car or while dancing while getting ready! I feel like the energy and sound of the tracks are perfect for those moments when you want to let loose and have fun. So whether you're on a road trip or just getting ready for a night out, it’s the perfect soundtrack to add some energy.

Q. Which track from the EP best summarises you as an artist and individual and why?

A. Right now it’s ‘Lost It’ - I love its message, and the edgy pop sound resonates with me. It's a song that showcases my creative vision and allows me to express myself fully as an artist.

Q. Is there any chance of us seeing you live over here in the UK?

A. Yes, I am eager to perform live in the UK as soon as possible. Although I do not have anything confirmed at the moment so, if you’re a booker - DM me! I would be thrilled to share my music and energy with UK audiences


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