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American songwriter Hank Garret releases poignant new single 'Books and Movies'!

Hank Garret makes music to move you and his new single 'Books and Movies' is no different. From the very first seconds, his raw, heartfelt voice that almost cracks in the bigger moments radiates a poignancy that will stick with you long after the track has finished. Melancholia, heartache, hope and romance all combine in a beautifully emotive concoction.

The soft acoustic strum is organic and earthy in tone, laying down a gentle backdrop for Hank to really pour his heart out on top of with his pain-filled vocals. As the song develops and the drums kick in the track becomes fuller and more energetic yet Hank's powerful and personal vocal deliveries stay ever present. Piano textures enrich the romantic quality of the track and the lyrics capture the cinematic sentiments of the track's title. The ending is filled with a slightly brighter melody and leaves a lasting air of hope on an otherwise painful sound. A barrel of emotions and a wonderful vocal display here are your perfect introduction into Hank's songwriting.


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