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American duo Teen Mortgage return with a burst of high-octane Electro-Punk titled 'Oligarchy'!

American duo Teen Mortgage have become renowned for their fast and furious, in-your-0face approach, producing music bursting with fuzzy Garage-Rock riffs and no nonsense vocal attacks. They claim to have "bulldozed their way to a regional reputation after assaulting the publics' ears" and that's not a bad description for how direct and uncompromising their music is. On their latest single 'Oligarchy', they've taken a slight sonic shift while maintaining all the energy and angst that has earned them support slots alongside Ron Gallo, Surf Curse, The Chats, Bass Drum of Death and more!

The track opens with a pulsating bass drum before a growling Rock is introduced to create a moody, attack-minded rhythm in the verse. The anti-capitalist lyrical message is spat at the mic with a rigid, angsty vocal delivery that makes you stand up and listen, yet you can feel that something even bigger is around the corner. The chorus then switches the pulse like beat for a high-octane, fast-paced drum rhythm and a ruthless guitar line which sometimes stops to deliver a harsh, distorted chord that adds a disruptive, piecing tone into the mix. Although the vocals are powerful and angst-ridden they are still super catchy and the melody rings around your ears long after the track has finished. A rousing, rebellious anthem radiating with sonic furry and lyrical unrest!


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