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American Alt-Pop songwriter ARIA returns with infectious new anthem 'After Dark'

Alt pop songwriter Aria hails fro Maryland and has built up a solid fan base thanks to his emotive tones and catchy hooks. Blending elements of rap and hip hop with an alternative sensibility his music follows in the same vain as KID LAROI and MGK, particularly his latest release ‘After Dark’.

Swelling electronic textures create a spaced-out sonic landscape that is then cut through by the punchy drum rhythm that injects a driving energy throughout the track. The verses are flavoured with echoed vocals and heartfelt musings on love, yet they really just facilitate a build up the infectious chorus. The vocal lines are undeniably earworming and are elevated by a fantastically dense production that pushes every note out the speakers with a beautiful intensity.

The acoustic strums almost act as extra percussive element thanks to the thick tone places upon them while the drums are just as big and energy-inducing as ever. This is a straight up pop banger that, regardless of your opinions of the new influx of pop punk in the rap world, you can’t help but want to singalong to!


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