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Amber Jay - Never Too Far from a Dark Thought

We're kicking off our North West month with one of the newest bright sparks from the region, Liverpool based singer-songwriter Amber Jay. As an artist she is constantly dipping between the darkness and the light, switching loosely from the haunting electro textures in tracks like 'Stay The Same' to the upbeat vocal/instrumental interplay in parts of 'Pencil Brims'.

Her previous release from this year 'The House' dives deeply inside a swirling thought process with the ethereal synths and ominous drum sound perfectly matching the lyrical content. The track really showcased her musical maturity and songwriting ability. Amber's debut EP 'Never Too Far from a Dark Thought' brings together the three aforementioned singles alongside two brand new tracks that offer the same intriguing textual blend.

'My own way' whirlwinds with abstract synth patterns and allows her vocals to really shine through with a distinct and infectious rhythm and is probably my favourite from the EP. 'Person' ends the 5-track collection with a more conventional melancholic outro that, when placed next to the twisting beats and haunting vocals of the EP, demonstrates an accomplished versatility and highlights why she is begging to get her recognition.

You can hear her music on our Best of the North West playlist below!


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