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ALBUM REVIEW: The Terrys - Skate Pop

The new album ‘Skate Pop’ from scrappy Indie noisemakers The Terry’s offers all the youthful charm, endearingly unrefined energy and feel-good, coming-of-age vibes that you would expect from them. Following in the footsteps of fellow Aussies such as Skeggs and Rancid Eddie, their music has a warm coastal feel and uses raw instrumental sounds and joint vocals to create an audible camaraderie that has an infectious spirit.

‘Head Noise’ kicks proceedings off with a joyous Indie Rock hit filled with bundles of energy and a cracking guitar solo to set the tone for the rest of the record. However, it is tracks like ‘No Bad Days’ that really show their talents and highlight their development in the years building up to this album. Having started out making the aforementioned scrappy, garage indie sound, songs like this are a lot more thoughtful and wholesome, offering a chorus melody that is incredibly catchy yet also filled with a depth and uplifting poignancy that stands them apart from a lot of similar acts.

‘Troopy’ features some of the most electrifying guitar playing on the album and the chorus build up towards the end will go down a treat at their live shows! The ending of this track and the whole of subsequent song ‘Tokyo’ adds something new to The Terrys’ sound, vibrant synth textures that bring a whole new layer to their music.

Another standout on the album is ‘Fundamental Man’ as this track also has the big, poignant chorus of ‘No Bad Days’ the tasty guitar flair of ‘Troopy’ and the slick synth backing of ‘Tokyo’, really combining the best elements of others tracks on the record.

The early single ‘Silent Disco’ is the best mosh worthy track, pouring out high octane indie rock energy throughout that is perfect for a messy festival. The acoustic tones of ‘Daisy Drop’ and ‘If You Get That’ bring a varied texture to the record and show the beauty of their songwriting at its core, with the latter also offering a string section that brings a wonderful cinematic edge to their sound.

Overall, this is a fantastic sophomore album that is filled with youthful spirit, infectious summery melodies and some delectable guitar lines. However, most impressively, it is filled with a great sonic depth, lyrical soul and vocal poignancy than their previous work, highlighting their development since their 2022 debut and showcasing why they are one of the most exiting Australian Indie acts!


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