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ALBUM REVIEW: Synth Pop outfit The Motion Epic release new album 'Saturday Night Motel'!

80s inspired Synth Pop outfit The Motion Epic have just released their new album 'Saturday Night Motel' and you only have to take one glance at the album artwork to get a sense of the aesthetic that runs throughout the record. It has a slick, neon-tinged aura with bright electronic sounds and atmospheric production that gives off those late-night vibes and a vintage veneer.

The instrumental intro immediately nods to their love for cinematic atmospherics before they dive into 'Come On Over', a track that uses the anthemic, echoed tones of 80s synths and drums to create a very immersive and punchy sound. The electronic tones are sparkly and soothing yet there is also a gritty Rock guitar that injects an extra layer of intensity to the track. These moments on the album find the same balance between sultry retro textures and piercing passion that can be found on The 1975's 2016 record, particularly tracks such as 'The Sound'.

Subsequent track 'The Lost Boys of NY' immerses itself deeper into an electronic soundscape, with heavy reverb and plenty of swelling background chords you feel completely enthralled in the dreamy vintage wonderland as a poignant story is told.

'Let It Die' offers the most introspective and somber moment, offering a very emotive pause for thought while the thick groove of 'Only Have Eyes 4 U' is a standout of the record as it sees the drums at their most crisp and the guitar at its most soulful as it descends into a virtuoso to see the track out.

The moments when the band really excel are when they bring together the rich, eclectic instrumentation, especially on 'Picking Up The Pieces' which brings together an infectious groove combined with a sharp, impassioned saxophone line to produce a really full and fun arrangement that again, rings of The 1975. It has a drama to it that is stadium-ready!

They then close the album in style with 'Carry On', a song that slowly builds their electronic, neon world, beginning with emotive vocals and an intimate piano line the song then builds tension ready to break free in the final minute or so with another wonderful Rock guitar performance that leaves a lasting a flair ringing in your ears.


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