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ALBUM REVIEW: Sunny Luwe - Flowers In The Sky

Sunny may just be a namesake for the breezy pop artist, however it is an apt name considering the feel-good, sunshine melodies that radiate throughout her music and, in particularly, her new album 'Flowers In The Sky'.

A proud Weilwan woman and soulful songwriter, Sunny Luwe has been making waves in the music industry with her enchanting performances and a string of successful singles leading up to the album launch. The five singles leading up to the album release have garnered significant support from radio and streaming services, earning placements on prominent playlists like Spotify's New Music Friday and Fresh Finds, and maintaining chart-topping positions on AMRAP for an impressive eight consecutive weeks, reaching the coveted #1 spot for three singles.

Opening tracks 'Fly Like A Bird' and 'Summer Kisses' do what they say on the tin, providing soaring, care-free expressions of self-fulfilment and romance. They are the kind of tracks that lovers listen to laying in the grass on a warm summer roadtrip. However, the latter of the two does also have a hint of lament, longing for those summer kisses in the colder yet cosy context of Autumn, an appropriate feeling for an October release.

Neighbouring songs 'I Got A Thing For You' and 'Drive You Wild' pack more of a swagger with a more groove-led atmosphere full of soul. The former is big and vibrant, with brass and piano sounds combining in moments to offer a confident, theatrical tone while the latter has a slick, funky 90s feel to it that will transport you back to teenage highschool days.

The emotive collaboration with okmattcollins, 'Piece Of Art', is a poignant standout on the album as their melancholic vocal styles take turns on top of Beatles esc woodwind textures and coming together for a more uplifting and hopeful chorus. It is a tonal shift that demonstrates that Sunny has a bigger range of emotions to display that you may think at a glance.

The more acoustic and intimate performance on the closing track 'Made Me Smile' is a lovely way to add another layer of depth to an album which starts out infectiously sunny and becomes more and more thoughtful as it goes on, There's always the presence of Sunny's sunshine charm and romantic expression however the soulful and more vulnerable moments on this record make it a much more fulfilling sonic journey!


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