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ALBUM REVIEW: Stinkus - 23

Having had success playing in bands such as WILD & girlhouse and written / produced songs for bands like Smallpools, The Mowglis, Timothy Edward Carpenter, Jon Bryant and lots more, Tyler Thompson has finally turned his attentions to his solo work and is set to release his debut album '23' under his new Stinkus moniker.

The debut album, out April 5th, has a hazy, slacker feel to it which makes it supremely soothing and easy to enjoy. Yet, once you dig beneath the surface, you find a hidden depth as the lyrics reflect on some poignant issues such as his 7 year relationship breaking down, drug abuse and an overall look at what makes relationships healthy.

Opening tracks 'I Am' and 'Spiral' initiate the laid-back, stoner Rock vibe with loose riffs and hypnotic beats that are nostalgic, comforting and catchy with their understated melodies. Yet, the finale of 'Spiral' hints at Tyler's ability to push the dial on his soundscapes, injecting a bigger, more intense Garage Rock energy to see the song out.

'Rodeo Mary' is probably our favourite track on the album. The instrumentals are simple yet effective, delivering big, unrelenting stabs of sound and building a dense Indie Rock wall of sound. Meanwhile, a chorus of multiple vocals unite on a beautifully carefree and ear-worming melody. It gives the song the feel of a nostalgic summer break with friends around campfires.

The title track is one of the more sentimental moments on the record and although the instrumentals have a wonderfully tranquil, island feel to them, the lyrics are heartfelt and meaningful. The album's instrumentals really then reach an emotive head on 'Not Like Dying' as a shattering Rock barrage brings the track to a close with power and poignancy.

The rest of the album blends these aforementioned styles and atmospheres, mixing laid-back energy with more thoughtful lyrics, moments of instrumental expression and textural interest. '23' is a wonderful example of how to add a greater depth to Slacker Rock. A really impressive debut from a seasoned songwriter who has finally taken the reigns on an exciting solo career.


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