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  • Drew Sitton


South African outfit HONEYMOAN released their debut album ‘Sorry Like You Mean It’ last month and it is undoubtedly one of our favourite records of the year, made up of melodic talk-singing and infectious melodies.

Following multiple EPs in recent years, the Alternative Pop band continue to explore different sounds and styles with their latest release. The first track ‘Pickup, Don’t Pickup’ sets the tone for the album with it’s gripping intro and infectious, angsty swagger while the instrumentals and production become increasingly chaotic throughout the track.

The second track ‘Seriously, Good Luck With That’ introduces a more relaxed sound with deeper lyricism and great lines like “Mama didn’t kiss you on the forehead”.

Although the talk-singing is a part of what gives this band their unique sound, it is incredibly satisfying to hear vocalist Alison Rachel show off her vocal range on tracks like ‘Sit Right’. It may have been even better to hear these vocals on slower track ‘Your House, Last Sunday’ as it would have allowed the vulnerable lyrics more of a chance to shine through yet, the heavy vocal effects on this song are a testament to their abstract and experimental side which makes their unique brand of Indie Pop so uniquely appealing.

HONEYMOAN are currently on tour in Europe, which will conclude on October 27 so catch them while you can!


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