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ALBUM REVIEW: Blanco White - Tarifa

Known for his smooth, sultry songwriting and soothing vocal tones, Josh Edwards AKA Blanco White’s new album sticks to this trend, providing an entrancing sonic journey.

The album, 'Tarifa', blends natural Folk tones, which lie at its core, with more dream like electronic soundscapes. The double track opening of 'Giodano’s Dream' pt1 and pt 2 sets the tone for the record as a cinematic swell of subtle electronic textures bend and weave around you while Josh’s vocals deliver a captivating, rich performance at the centre of the track. The slightly ethereal, sparkling sounds are very warming yet also make you feel like you’re being transported to another state of mind, a more tranquil and lucid state where you are ready to just let the music to wash over you.

The title track ‘Tarifa’ offers a similarly transcendent, ethereal atmosphere as bubbling electronics wax and wane to produce a hypnotic soundscape. However, a tasty guitar line does slowly creep in and then give way to a more direct, powerful Folk exploration filled with romance and heart.

Tracks like ‘Tell Me What You Need To Do’ dive more into groovey, melodic exploration rather than dreamy states. They are just as smooth and soothing yet the drum rhythms are off kilter and brilliantly eclectic in tone so that you are never starved for interest. The guitar and bass lines then weave around these rhythms, giving the songs a super slick and catchy vibe.

‘Silver Beaches’ stands out as perhaps the most expressive track on the album. It initially opens with a shuffling, island holiday style acoustic sound but the layers of vocals hint at something more passionate and heartfelt to come. It slowly grows, adding different instrumental elements along the way and by the final 2 minutes, the song is awash with intertwining rhythms, powerful vocal melodies and gliding background harmonies, a great track that really epitomises what the album as a whole has to offer.

This is certainly a record for getting lost it, set aside some time to turn off the lights and tune out the world as you explore this wonderful sound experience.


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