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Liverpool Indie newcomer Addley releases latest single 'Until The Morning'!

Liverpool’s latest Indie newcomer is Addley, a solo songwriter who writes tracks full of deep, smooth melodies and poignant lyrical deliveries. His latest single ‘Until The Morning’ is drenched in a dreamy veneer that lets the jangly guitar lines and vocal melodies to melt softly into one blissful, yet punchy medley of Indie sounds.

Fans of fellow Scouse acts such as SPINN, The Night Café and Paris Youth Foundation will love the slick delivery that epitomises Addley’s swooping, sentimental sound. 'Until The Morning' bursts open with a flurry off drum stabs and soaring guitar lines that ring of Inhaler, yet the vocals land with a more insular, introspective melancholia, dipping deeper in the mix at times in a style more associated with acts like Jaws. This combination of upbeat, exciting instrumentation and a more warming, heartfelt vocal delivery makes for a particularly emotive sound.

The drums in particular drive the track forward with a fantastic energy and, in the bigger moments, Addley does inject a punchy purpose into his vocal lines to really make them ring and have a powerful impact. The finale reaches a wonderful peak when multiple vocal lines overlap in a swirling ball of sound that would be perfect for a final mosthworthy moment to a poignant live Indie set.


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