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Acclaimed Scottish songwriter Callum Beattie returns with stadium-ready single

Acclaimed Scottish songwriter Callum Beattie has returned with his latest single ‘Dancing With Wolves’, a track that lives up to the mysterious, dangerous and poetic quality of its title. As with any of Callum’s releases, his raw, passionate vocal style is instantly captivating and on this track, the stripped back opening really showcases his ability.

The verses have a sophisticated, anthemic feeling with the occasional deep piano chords adding a poignant quality. However is it the chorus that really steals the show. In a style comparable to some of Noel Gallagher’s solo work, the chorus is elevated by a big string backing with every instrumental element directing your attention towards Callum’s vocals. The haunting backing vocal will linger long in your mind - it is so striking and poignant that you can’t help be hooked in.

The later stages build the intensity of each line and offer a gritty guitar solo for a final injection of dense sonic texture. This is yet another example of a storytelling great creating anthemic work that is stadium-ready.

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