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Acclaimed Folk songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ed Prosek releases new EP 'The Foreigner'!

Widely acclaimed multi-instrumentalist Ed Prosek is known for his beautifully organic acoustic-Folk style. He is an artist that taps into the raw, soulful emotions of sonic art and crafts music that will transport you away from everyday life and into a blissful other realm. His combination of being California-born and Berlin-based may give him an extra added blend of influences or it may just be his natural desire to create more nuanced sounds that sets him apart from the Folk fraternity. Either way, you can’t help but be instantly struck by the heartfelt, audible connection that Ed has with his music, particularly on his new EP ‘The Foreigner’.

The title alludes to his department from California, a theme that is explored deeply on the title track. It is perhaps the most melancholic number on the EP and it is almost strange to hear as Ed normally sounds so at home when singing so it is a strange contrast to hear. However, this just reaffirms his talent to tap into all ends of the emotive spectrum.

On the flip side, the opening track ‘Hallelujah’ is truly uplifting and empowering. It begins very intimately, focusing on Ed’s rich vocal tones and the tangled, earthy guitar lines, yet the track slowly builds to something much more dramatic. As the percussion comes in the energy picks up and gains a really feel-good atmosphere before diving into a sax solo that pours with soul! The vocal harmonies are super smooth and, appropriately for the song’s theme, have an almost gospel quality that is really impactful.

‘Man Overboard’ also follows this pattern of beginning quite stripped back and vulnerable before growing into a soaring chorus with a wonderful melody. This is probably our favourite moment on the EP as it brings together his heartache, joy, intimacy and expression into one beautifully arranged and delivered performance.

The whole EP has so much to dig into! This is definitely one for laying back on a Sunday afternoon and indulging in cosy acoustic brilliance.


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