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AAV2 e:portfolio - Editing

When editing my film I wanted to give a good pace to the story to match the feeling of creativity and energy that was within the dialogue of the film. Therefore, I opened with some very fast cutting shots that set the location and began the film with a dynamic pace. I then ordered my shots in geographical order from Liverpool across to Birkenhead and then progressively closer to the venue. This was intended to give a visual sense of traveling to the venue and then stepping inside. For my interviewees I had to cut them down significantly and use only the most relevant quotes. To ease the transitions between different sections of my interviews I often used J and L cuts so that the interviewee wasn’t on screen for the audio cut. In terms of editing the actual visual palette of the footage I used colour correction on the footage shot inside to give the film a brighter and natural tone. For example, on the footage of the second interview I brought the warmth and saturation down, gave it a very slight green tint and brought up the brightness to counteract the dark orange light that dominated the lighting. The main focus when editing the audio was making the volume level sound steady throughout the film piece. To do this I brought down the decibels of the music inside the venue and the guitar playing which were very loud compared to the rest of the piece. I also used additional audio footage throughout the piece as an underlay and lowered the volume of those pieces so the dialogue could still be heard. I also added on graphics to name the interviewees and made the background of it slightly translucent so that it still looked natural and didnt dominate the shot.

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