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Post-Punk Playlist: 5 Post-Punk acts that you need to discover!


I had to start this list with a track that is seems purpose built for kicking of any live show or online playlist. 'Underworld' is the new single from London's Talkshow and it makes one hell of an entrance. The warping electro fuzz that opens the proceedings is dark, industrial and manages to engulf you from the first second. Then as the hard punch of the bass drum joins the equation you can feel that this isn't going to be a track to be messed with. The thick London twang on the vocal delivery is deep and resonant, sitting underneath the persistent electro Punk hum, acting as a constant warning sign amongst the noise.

As the track builds it gains a really dancey feel with the tight hi-hat roll. This combination of dark and menacing Punk tones and bassey dance rhythms creates a devilishly tempting atmosphere. It is hard not to become absorbed in a Post-Punk trance with the droney, swirling landscape they create. It has to be their most mature and musically advanced release to date and it is a fantastic energetic entry point to this list.



Bristol trio Kickboy announced their arrival onto the scene in style last month with their debut single 'Portland from Streetview'. The mazy drum intro rolls into a marching lyrical awakening as they take you through their early morning routine. The scratchy guitar stabs provide a punch among the laid back, unstructured vocal flow. Instrumentally it begins with a vibe that actually matches the title pretty well. It feels like a cocky stroll down down the local streets, perhaps still hungover from the night before, reciting an internal monologue.

Yet, this doesn't last too long. Just after the minute mark the lyrics drop out allowing the subtle yet really infectious guitar riff to build. The drums become vital to the sound, moving from their confident early strut into a more dancy and fast paced swing and then into a messy yet powerful flurry that elevates the energy of the entire track and turns it into a crashing wall of sound. In its biggest moments the track makes you feel like you are stood at the bottom of a staircase as drum rhythms, winding guitar patterns and powerful vocal utterances tumble down the stairs towards you. The layered vocal chants at times create a great sense of camaraderie between the band and add to the impressively thick blend of noise that is hard to believe is generated by just three members.


Youth Sector

Driven by a fast-paced skater style baseline, the new single 'Self Exile' from Youth Sector bounds out of the traps with a shake of the hips and a real sense of purpose. The instrumentals are tightly packed, constantly fighting for space as they dance around with a care free tone. However, it is the vocals that give them their distinctive sound. The deep, performative delivery in the verses is buzzing with energy. The voice jumps around like an excitable puppy from one note to the next, mirroring the fast percussive patterns. It gives the track a really fresh and liberated feel.

You can actually get a real sense of the vibe in this new song by looking at the video below. The smart suits with yellow shirts show the crisp yet vibrant style of the instrumentals while the odd location of a squash court highlights the freedom and carefree nature that 'Self Exile' radiates. The chorus is a little more direct and in-your-face as the drums open up into a less intricate yet more forceful rhythm. With support from the likes of DORK, DIY and BBC Radio 1, the Brighton quintet are becoming a unmissably bright new splash of sound in the Post-Punk scene.


Sham Family

Although this new wave of Post-Punk acts has largely been a UK trend, we just had to include Canadian outfit Sham Family when we came across their debut single 'This Blue Mob'. Judging on their first release, they are the most Punky on this list and create an inescapable raw energy. The track is built around high tempo bass line and the pounding drum onslaught that pack an infectious fury and make the chorus nearly impossible to not mosh to.

The verses allow the vocals to shine through. They have an understated, confident yet calm delivery that has a thoughtful tone and almost spoken word esc flow that is reminiscent of Irish Post Punk acts such as The Murder Capital or Fontaines D.C. Here the instrumentals build a soft yet intricate layer of sound that has a sightly haunting feel and provides a level of tension before the chores explodes back in.

The chorus is a powerful one that leaves you little room to breathe with its fuzzed up grungy guitar chords and the thumping ferocity of the drums. The vocals come in the form of an almost announcement like repetitive drone that is dark and not clearly audible, yet it is the perfect thing for you to be shouting back onto the stage in the midst of a sweaty moshpit. That is what this track is really, a moshpit instigator to announce themselves onto the scene. Let's just hope there's more to come soon!



It's hard not to be instantly taken aback by the barrage of complex instrumentation throw out at you. They arrived just 3 months ago with their debut single 'Heyshaw'. It was a rampant bass led track with fast rolling instrumentals and erratic vocal flurries. The scratchy guitar tone and angst of the vocals made a statement from the off as to what kind of band KEG would turn out to be.

Made up of seven members, the Brighton collective have the tools to create an insanely complex and intricate sound. 'Presidential Walk' sees them use this ability to full effect. The track bursts out at a blistering pace with the frantic drum roll paving the way for a fast paced conglomeration of instrumentals that bend and tangle together in a similar vibe to the new Shame record. The horn sounds add a real depth of character to the track adding a level of tension at times. In terms of a real distinctive chorus or melody the track has none. It is more about the hectic atmosphere that the group create. They manage to combine their forces, layering vocals and playing nuanced instrumental stabs around each other to create an audibly crowded feel as though you are sat at the centre of their frenzied whirlwind with your head spinning from the sonic overdose, all before it finishes abruptly, leaving you wanting that little taste more... and now it has arrived! Their debut EP is out now featuring the joyfully erratic single 'Farmhands' that you can watch above.




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