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Skinner's Lane , Native Kings & Black Pulp - LIVE @ Buyers Club , Liverpool

If only there were more events like this happening around Liverpool , then the city wouldn't be stuck in the current musical crisis it is going through. Hosted by headliners Skinner's Lane , it was a night showcasing everything we are all about here at BOOT MUSIC, with the whole event managing to produce the rare blend of featuring some of the best emerging local artists whilst holding a non money-driven atmosphere. There was a mutual appreciation for what the three lads at Skinner's Lane were trying to put on, a night not only positive for the three bands involved but for Liverpool culture as well.

Even if you started the night blissfully unaware of all of these bands , it was clear from the first minute that Skinner's Lane hadn't simply focused on creating a night for themselves, but had taken their time selecting artists right at the forefront of Liverpool music. The night's openers , Black Pulp manage to create their own unique sound by grabbing influence from a broad range of music , from hard rock to electro-pop. This versatility allows them to seamlessly blend into to any gig, very much the chameleons of Liverpool music, they manage to alter their style slightly to match their surroundings, bringing their heavier side on the night. The four of them all added an extra element of grit to their music and combined undeniably catchy chorus's with captivating instrumental sections reminiscent of The Stone Roses and fellow scousers Factory.

Probably the most high profile act of the night, Native Kings carry a similar versatility , boasting elements of Liverpool compatriots Clean Cut Kid whilst also emanating an anthemic vibe relatable to early naughties emo-punk. Their new single , Afraid To Love You demonstrates this perfectly, and was the highlight of their set along with long-time fan favourite Sound Of Victory. Managing to bring their rock anthem side along with them on the night, they transformed a relatively small Liverpool venue into a 20,000+ stadium, they got every member of the crowd off their seats and into the front row, getting them more than warmed up for the headliners.

Not only do these guys deserve great credit for their contribution to Liverpool culture and their efforts to help resurrect the dying Liverpool music scene with us, but also for their music! With the synth based indie-pop take over in the city, it has been a while that a band with such intense riffs and head bobbing chorus' has graced these parts. Everything about these guys is infectious and you could tell how quickly any inhibitions from the crowd to mosh on a work night disappeared out of their minds. Frontman Zak Langford-Do has become a semi-legend around the backstreets of the city with his co-operation on numerous projects, but now he finally has his hands grasped around his own music, Skinner's Lane are surely what one of the most exciting artists in the city to look out for in the coming months.

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