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2016 - The Year Of The Blossom

As the final week of 2016 is upon us, the world has started to reflect on what an utterly shit year it has been for a large proportion of the country. Brexit, Trump, ISIS and the death of so many influential people such as David Bowie, Prince and George Michael who all challenged the way our society behaves. However, through all this, at least one good thing has come out of the past 12 months, a hell of a lot of good music! After a debut album reaching number 1 in the Uk charts and receiving Silver status, 2016 has really been the year of 'Blossoms'. Seemingly emerging out of nowhere in the later stages of 2015, they have completely taken the UK by storm, claiming both the 'BOOT MUSIC song of the year' with their single, 'Charlemagne' and the 'BOOT MUSIC artist of the year'.


Initially released as a single in 2015, the instant toe-tapper 'Charlemange' became the very first 'BOOT MUSIC song of the week' and has stood the test of time right through to the end of the December. Acting as the first cog in the machine for the incredible 'Blossoms' success , the song captures everything that has made them one of the stand out bands of the year. Their trademark synth melodies that mirror the chorus' lyrical pattern seem so simple yet create an infectious sound of how (if invented) we would imagine pop was meant to be. 'Charlemagne' is probably the catchiest song to come out of 2016 and when we've had a single song stuck in our heads for a whole 12 months it would be hard to deny it of the award, so our 'BOOT MUSIC song of the year' for 2016 goes to 'Charlemagne' from 'Blossoms'.


The Stockport quintet also came so close to clinching our 'Album Of The Year' , with every song on the debut, James Skelly-produced album containing certain elements of beauty. The lyrics of Tom Ogden carrying a unique ability to somehow make the listener feel as if they are in the midst of some rhythmical, eccentric serenade in front of an old country house with constant references to British Culture and natural beauty. The video to 'Blown Rose' acts brilliantly as a visual representation of this whole 'Blossoms' concept.

Not only did the band make our year a whole lot better with their first full length album , but they also released 10 extended tracks to help us deal with the post brexit slump. Whether it is Ogden himself who generates their distinctive hooks or keyboard player 'Myles Kellock', the man behind them certainly has a knack for a pop melody, producing many more on the extended tracks such as 'Across The Moor', and has brought the group into the public eye as one of the best guitar bands around.

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