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In April we were very much into lockdown and it may have started to get to some people. The whole situation is very odd, and if almost on cue YUNGBLUD (Dominic Harrison) released his new track titled 'Weird!'

I am a huge fan of YUNGBLUD, have been listening to him since he released 'King Charles' back in 2017 and since then I have been trying to categorise his music, or at least try to explain it to my friends but its just impossible to cram his expansive blend of sounds into one box.

'Weird!' is a perfect example of this, this track was written well before the global lockdown, however I think that it perfectly captures how people might be feeling or how people might be struggling with the lack normality.

“We’re in a weird time of life Don’t wreck your brain It will be alright”

The chorus is almost comforting, it’s saying that no matter how weird things get we will be okay. Releasing new music in the midst of a global pandemic can’t be the easiest thing in the world but a song with such a strong, empowering message is exactly what we needed right now. YUNGBLUD certainly knows how to send an important message through a catchy upbeat song.

If you're like me and you use music to relax and comfort you in a number of situations I cannot recommend this song enough. It is a track that sucks you into its own weird world and allows you a few minutes of calm as the world falls down around you. YUNGBLUD seems to have a knack for taking real issues that could be hard to talk about and putting them into a song making them ever so slightly less scary. With its electro tones, almost arcade like synth and energy filled chorus, 'Wierd!' is a weird song for weird times.

Listen to Weird! now on our Listen Up playlist packed with all our favourite tunes right now.


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