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Yorkshire rockers Floodhounds return with moody new single 'Quicksand'!

One of the UK's most exciting Rock newcomers are Yorkshire's Floodhounds who combine hypnotic melodies with a huge, engulfing soundscapes and gritty riffs that will hit you to the core. Having played alongside Kid Kapichi, The Blinders, King Nun and Strange Bones, you can tell that the rest of the Rock scene are well aware that these guys are one of the hottest new noisemakers in town, and their new single 'Quicksand' has gone and reinforced that tenfold.

The thing that instantly strikes you on this track is the dark, grumbling tone of the guitar. It has melodic flow yet menacing tone that radiates with an angsty, rebellious spirit that demands attention. The drums too have a really punchy and powerful impact as they drive the song forward with a steady beat.

However, it is the chorus that really showcases their best traits! Every element becomes elevated, combining in style to create a huge noise that you can't escape. A soaring synth line adds a cool hook in among the noise and the echoed vocals attack the mic with an anthemic power. A lot of the melody of this song comes from the bright backing harmonies and Pop Rock back and forths that you can't help but want to sing along to. Big instrumental stabs have power and punch while chanting vocal calls give the track an infectiously tribalistic feel.

Fantastic rock energy delivered in style!


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