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Warrington Music - Viola Beach Tribute

I'm sure most of you are aware of the tragic passing of the young band Viola Beach and their manager in 2016. Not only was it a huge loss because of their potential but it left a huge and long lasting dent in the hearts of everyone involved in their local community. I remember the day when I first heard the news and it was on of those stories that sticks with you every second of the day. Being in a band myself at the time I could just picture it happening to me or someone I knew and I could imagine the pain it would cause for so many people. Now, 5 years on, a collective of musicians from the band's hometown of Warrington have come together to pay tribute with a cover of the their track 'Swings and Waterslides'.

Below is a fuller explanation from Charlotte of Petty Management.

"Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on the publicity for a cover of ’Swings And Waterslides’ by Viola Beach, which was created by a collective of musicians from their hometown of Warrington to mark five years since they were tragically killed in a car accident in Sweden. Everyone involved either knew the band personally or was inspired by Viola Beach to step into the music industry, so it means a lot to us all. Personally, I knew two of the boys since I was 5 years old and met the others when the band formed. All revenue from the cover will be donated to charities chosen by the band’s families, so naturally we would like this to reach as many people as possible. We’re really hoping to keep the band’s memory alive with this tribute so any shares would be hugely appreciated from every person involved. We’ve already had support of NME, Radio X, XS Manchester and 6Music, as well as being featured on BBC North West Tonight".

You can stream the track and donate on Bandcamp - or find it on Spotify & Apple Music.


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