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VENUS GRRRLS return with ferocious Goth Rock anthem 'Divine'!

Teetering somewhere between Alt and Goth rock, Leeds-based five piece VENUS GRRRLS have amassed a substantial flock of fans since their debut three years ago, and for good reason.

Settling upon the well-worn foundations of Riot-grrrl, and then building upon them with starry-eyed synth lines and Power-Pop production, the band have constructed a sound distinctly their own, cultivating their spectral vision with unusual clarity.

Their most recent release, ‘Divine’, continues to showcase their distinctive sonic identity, a cathartic scream of a track uncompromising in both its ferocity and its polish. Effortlessly translating this sound in a live setting, VENUS GRRRLS are a riot on stage, balancing style and substance with raucous precision.


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