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Valentines Playlist: Best modern Indie love songs!

Whether you're of out with you'e special someone, having some Galentines fun or just going about your daily life (because who really cares about Valentines Day...) you always need a good playlist to make the day a little brighter. Yet, we're sick of the romantic jazz numbers and old school crooners. So, here's some of our favourite love songs from recent years that ACTUALLY stir up the feelings of the day!

Kenny Sharp - The Louvre

A super silky serenade that has all the charm and swagger of the city of which it talks. This is the perfect mood setter!

Fontaines D.C. - I Love You

A track that really conveys the power of love, using wonderfully poetic and visceral lyricism to offer one of the bands biggest anthems. The line "I love you like a penny loves the pocket of a priest and I'll love you till the grass around my gravestone is deceased" is just fantastic!

Geese - I See Myself

A groove-laiden track from our 2023 album of the year, 'I See Myself' showcases the raw and passionate vocals of Cameron Winter and uses Rolling Stones esc backing harmonies to create a beautifully vibrant chorus that you'll want to scream at the top of your lungs!

Orion Sun - Valentine

This lucid love song will have your heart melting in no time. Its velvety lo-fi tones are entrancing and lament for love will have you falling for your special someone all over again...or perhaps crying over your ex...sorry!

Infinity Song - Mad Love

The smooth vocal palettes of family NYC quartet Infinity Song are always angelic, yet the layering of multiple soaring vocal lines in the finale of this track is truly beautiful. This truly captures the feeling of loving someone!

Blossoms - Oh No (I Think I'm In Love)

A fun and romantic Pop anthem that conveys that surprise feeling when love slaps you around the face when you least expect it. Get the hairbrush microphones out for this one!

The Vaccines - Pink Water Pistols

Although a relatively melancholic and introspective track, the lyricism talks of how one person can completely turn your mood around, drag you out of dark places and bring a brightness to your life.

Benson Boone - Beautiful Things

Already one of the biggest anthems of 2024, this track is a beast! Arguably more of a love song for life than just one person, yet the power of Benson's vocals captures the wild intensity of love.


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