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Underground USA Vol 5: Discover Kate Clover, Spun Mellow and the debut album from Loose Buttons!

Kate Clover

LA solo artist Kate Clover doesn't mess around on her latest single 'CRIMEWAVE' as she lets her self-proclaimed live-wire energy burst out from the first second. After honing her writing ability in several bands over the years she was always committed to going solo and finally took the leap in 2019. In a period of self-discovery she ventured to Mexico and a four day trip became a four month one! There she recorded her debut album and and returned to LA making a name for herself with her electrifying live shows and no nonsense Garage Rock discography.

'CRIMEWAVE' opens with a growling bass line which instantly indicates the angsty tone of the track. Kate then breaks through with a Punk Rock purr before all elements burst in. The dense fuzz of the guitars blended with the relentless pounding of the drums builds a gritty sonic layer for Kate to spit over with an in-your-face swagger. The base of the song is exactly what you want from a punchy West Coast single, it is high octane and has a slick growl that riles listeners up inside. Yet, the real highlight from this track comes in the form of the drawn out vocal delivering of the title line that begs to be chanted back in a cramped underground venue!


Spun Mellow

If Kate is sounding a bit ferocious for your tastes then not to worry! Maybe you should sample the slick bedroom pop grooves of Spun Mellow instead. The difference between the two can be easily demonstrated by the vocal noises they place into their most recent tracks. Although these noises actually sound pretty similar, Kate unleashes a threatening growl in 'CRIMEWAVE' whereas Spun Mellow pops in a playful straw slurping sound to round of his vibrant, funky new single 'Lemonade'.

The song has an apt title as lemonade carries the perfect semantics for the sound of the single. First of all, it is bright and you can't think of pairing it with any other colour than yellow. Lyrics of "sitting by the poolside" and "in the heat of the summer days" build this warm visual image that the sonics do really well to replicate. As dreamy and warm as it is, it still has a great energy to it with the fast funky beat wrapping itself around the thick bass line. As the song progresses subtle tones of electric guitar come in to spice up the vibe and by the end they build even stronger giving the track a really crisp and lively finale. This track comes off his debut album set for release soon so keep your eyes peeled...


Loose Buttons

With their sun dripped lo-fi Indie sound there aren't many better than Loose Buttons at replicating the understated charm of fellow New Yorkers The Strokes. 'Minor Leaguer', the opening song off their new sophomore album is built off the intentionally laborious basslines and crackly vocal effect that made The Strokes so popular. The track is littered with small moments of vocal intensity and the pleasant laid back atmosphere in the early verses only brings more joy to the subtly uplifting chorus. The vocals and guitars blend perfectly mirroring the warm melody together. It is the perfect introduction to their sound.

As the album progresses it takes on a more coastal tone. The title track drives forward with the shaky drum sound and then tangles layers of guitars around it in a surf-toned style that is reminiscent of Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. Although their sound is pretty laid back and basks in the sunny side of Indie-Rock with the washing chords, that is not to say that there are no energetic moments on the record. 'First To Know, Last To Understand' provides a high point as the drums lead the charge once more whilst the blissful vocal harmonies provide a soft landing ground for the cymbals to crash down on as the band spit out a catchy and poignant line "Sure I've got a life I love, but it don't feel like mine". Whether its beach roadtrips, underground gigs or just a soundtrack to the daily grind Loose Buttons have provided a really warm and strangely comforting record suited for all occasions.




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