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Ukrainian duo Bloom Twins release euphoric Indie-Dance single 'Drunk & Loud'!

Ukrainian born but UK based duo Bloom Twins have gathered a huge following over the last 10 years thanks to their constant stream of infectious dance-driven Electro-Indie singles. Each track of theirs has something uniquely captivating to enjoy yet it was their 2021 single ‘High On Beat’ really broke then into the mainstream, amassing nearly 5 millions Spotify streams!

Their latest release ‘Drunk & Loud’ radiates all the bold and brash energy that you would expect from the title. A grumbling electro hum provides a gritty undertow to the track an instantly sets a moody, confident tone. Their trademark dance-beats are at play once again, turning an otherwise angsty Indie track into a high energy, dance worthy jam that demands movement. Vocally, the verses are delivered a more reserved, crisp tone, showcasing their vocal finesse and creating tension for what is a euphoric chorus.

The chorus just screams the line “I wanna get drunk & loud” as the pair team up for joint vocals that have a tremendously unified power, perhaps aided by the fact they are real life twins. The sentiment is simple yet the instrumentation is dense and the emotive effect is huge! You can’t help but put on your favourite jacket and hit the town after hearing this chorus, it’s like a big fuck you to mundanity and a great introduction if you’re new to Bloom Twins.

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