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TV Face - 2021 One to watch

With the never ending drudgery of awkward zoom calls, monotonous routines and an uncomfortably large amount of time spent with yourself in lockdown many of us how find it hard to stay productive. Artists are no exception. Many have struggled to find inspiration in the dullness and have been forced to postpone release dates time and time again. However, post-punk trio TV Face seem to have fought off the restraints of lockdown and flourished in the past 12 months having released their debut single...oh and then 10 more, all in 2020!

The latest of there sonic onslaught is the forceful single ‘New Anatomies’ pushes out their angst-ridden sound with sharp attention. The rolling beat channels feelings of classic punk rebellion and leaves you wanting to get up and get out there! It carries the same dark undertones and jolting vocals you can find in other artists on the recent mainstream punk revival (Shame, The Murder Capital). However, if you dig below the hard-hitting muddy surface, you can find plenty of sing-a-long, dance worthy moments.

One of the standout singles from TV Face this year came in the form of high-octane weekend living manifesto ‘Work Hard, Have Fun’. Full of energy and raucous guitar play, this track is just the ticket to get your blood warmed this winter. The more catchy, more indie-rock breakdown lulls you into a false sense of security before building to one final moshpit mind-melter. Once the venues open their doors once more, these should be straight on your gig wishlist.


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